The purpose of this committee is to develop strategy for the AOAAM public policy agenda. The Committee will also review and approve any official Resolutions to the AOA House of Delegates.


The purpose of this committee is to work with staff in the coordination of timelines and content of the AOAAM newsletter, website and journal.


The purpose of this committee is to establish Continuing Medical Education (CME) opportunities for members of the AOAAM. The purpose of CME is to improve the physician's ability to care for patients. The CME Committee will annually identify the needs for CME, and plan appropriate programs to meet those needs. The committee will also serve as a liaison for AOAAM to the AOA on issues regarding the CAQ.
  • Dr. Stephen Wyatt, Chair
  • Dr. Gary Ruelas


The Membership Committee oversees the recruitment and retention programs for the association. Also, the committee evaluates, proposes and promotes services for the membership.

Past Presidents Council

The purpose of this council is to provide continuity, historical references and collective insight to the board.
  • Dr. Anthony Dekker, Chair

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The mission of the American Osteopathic Academy of Addiction Medicine is to improve the health of individuals and families burdened with the disease of addiction.

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