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Marijuana: Risks for the Primary Care Doc

Marijuana: Risks for the Primary Care Doc                  



ñ  Hypersensitivity to Cannabinoids

ñ  Cardiovascular Diseases including:


        Heart failure (any kind)

        Poorly regulated Hypertension

        Ischemic heart disease

ñ  History of Psychotic Disorders

      (Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective)

ñ  Family History of Psychotic Disorders

ñ  History of Drug Abuse

ñ  Family history of Drug Abuse

ñ  Males intending to start a family

ñ  Children less than 18 years old

ñ  Pregnant or breast feeding females                  


       Serious Risks:   

ñ  Severe Psychiatric Side effects



        Mood Disorder

ñ  CNS Depression

        Decreased Cognitive Performance

        Impairs Short Term Memory

        Impairs Attention, Coordination and Balance

        Impairs Judgment

   Impairs motor skills.


ñ  Tachycardia

ñ  Drug Abuse Potential

ñ  Hepatic Dysfunction – Transaminitis


ñ  CNS Depressants adverse effects are enchanced

ñ Anticholinergics increase tachycardia with marijuana

ñ Cocaine worsens tachycardia with marijuana

ñ Sympathomimetics can worsen tachycardia with marijuana



       Adapted from

            NIDA Research Report Series Marijuana Abuse. NIH

            Pub# 10-3859


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            Abuse / John Brick, editor.-2nd ed. p. cm. And referenced articles


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                        Author: Michael Dekker, D.O.

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